Sun and Moon signs zodiac compatibility

How does the AstroTouch birth compatibility calculator work?

If you know birth data for people you wish to compare, the AstroTouch system allows you to quickly determine their birth compatibility.
Our exclusive rating technology is based on evaluating the mutual positions of Sun and Moon in two horoscopes. Of course, in a detailed astrological relationship analysis, besides the Sun and Moon there are 8 planets in each person's chart to compare. However, according to many astrologers Sun and Moon seem to have the greatest weight. Favorable conditions from them involved will tend to override the most of negative indicators of the planets. There is a good chance of overall astrological compatibility if the mutual aspects of your Sun and Moon positions are favorable.
The Sun, the center of our solar system, symbolizes the ego and individuality. It is important because it discloses the inborn traits that are not likely to change.
The Moon represents instincts and intuition. It shows how we express our needs and feelings - another important factor of the relationship compatibility.
In determining which Sun (Moon) positions are most compatible, an astrologer looks at the aspects (angles, which the Sun (Moon) in one chart would be making to the Sun (Moon) position in the second chart). Favorable aspects (60 and 120 degrees - so called sextile and trine), are believed to be able to largely smooth out a relationship. On the other hand a square (90-degree angle) is the most difficult aspect, indicating that big compromises are needed in the relationship. Traditional astrological criteria like these are built in our astrocompatibility rating. Please test it and read the free compatibility reports! They are, as all services of the site, freely available.

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